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  1. (2014-09-16 21:47:57) 21

    SAGE Labs

    SAGE Labs specializes in the custom design, development and characterization of unique,...
    Location: Missouri
  2. (2014-09-16 21:43:26) 22

    RTI International

    RTI International is an independent nonprofit institute that provides research, development, and...
    Location: NorthCarolina
  3. (2014-09-16 21:39:32) 23

    Ricerca Biosciences LLC

    Ricerca offers integrated nonclinical services for drug candidate selection & development from...
    Location: Ohio
  4. (2014-09-16 21:31:35) 24


    QPS is a GCP/GLP-compliant CRO that supports discovery, preclinical, and clinical drug development.......
    Location: Delaware
  5. (2014-09-16 21:07:27) 25

    Product Safety Labs

    For over 35 years Product Safety Labs (PSL) has been an industry leader in the conduct of studies......
    Location: NewJersey
  6. (2014-09-16 21:04:05) 26


    PreLabs is an innovative, cost-effective preclinical contract support organization operating within......
    Location: Illinois
  7. (2014-09-16 21:01:07) 27

    Pre-Clinical Research Services, Inc. (PCRS)

    PCRS offers GLP and non-GLP preclinical services to support pharmacokinetics, pharmacology and...
    Location: Colorado
  8. (2014-09-16 20:57:38) 28

    Phylonix Pharmaceuticals Inc

    Phylonix is a biotechnology company focused on profiling drug toxicity and efficacy using zebrafish......
    Location: Massachusetts
  9. (2014-09-16 20:52:16) 29

    Pacific BioLabs

    Pacific BioLabs offers GLP/cGMP testing services to the biopharmaceutical and medical device...
    Location: California
  10. (2014-09-16 20:49:20) 30

    NSF Health Sciences

    Expertise and analytical testing for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. NSF Health Sciences...
    Location: Connecticut
  11. (2014-09-16 20:46:37) 31

    NeuroScience Associates (NSA)

    Neuroscience Associates (NSA) provides mass production neurohistology services for safety and...
    Location: Tennessee
  12. (2014-09-16 20:43:38) 32


    NanoComposix specializes in the production of precisely engineered and highly characterized...
    Location: California
  13. (2014-09-16 20:38:59) 33


    Beyond Contract Research, NAMSA is a medical research organization speeding product development for......
    Location: Ohio
  14. (2014-09-16 20:35:24) 34


    MRIGlobal, a not-for-profit research and development organization, delivers global solutions in...
    Location: Missouri
  15. (2014-09-16 04:17:01) 35

    MPI Research

    MPI Research is a preclinical and early clinical CRO that provides discovery, safety evaluation,...
    Location: Michigan
  16. (2014-09-16 03:55:54) 36

    MB Research Laboratories

    MB Research Laboratories is a private CRO that has been conducting acute & subchronic toxicology...
    Location: Pennsylvania
  17. (2014-09-16 03:51:21) 37

    Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute (LRRI)

    The Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute is a private nonprofit biomedical research...
    Location: NewMexico
  18. (2014-09-16 03:48:37) 38

    Lampire Biological Laboratories, Inc

    Lampire provides zebrafish and rat embryo teratogenicity studies, in vitro ADME services, custom...
    Location: Pennsylvania
  19. (2014-09-16 03:45:12) 39

    KCAS Bioanalytical Services

    At KCAS, we know bioanalysis. Our strength is our ability to support your drug development program......
    Location: Kansas
  20. (2014-09-16 03:38:53) 40

    Jai Research Foundation (JRF - America)

    JRF is a globally reputed preclinical CRO with presence in India, US, and EU. We offer reliable, on......
    Location: Pennsylvania