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  1. (2014-09-16 03:32:51) 41

    Ionic Transport Assays, Inc

    Ionic Transport Assays is a contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to establishing and...
    Location: Missouri
  2. (2014-09-16 03:25:24) 42

    Integrated Laboratory Systems, Inc. (ILS)

    ILS provides customized solutions for customers in both commercial and government segments. We are......
    Location: NorthCarolina
  3. (2014-09-16 03:17:48) 43

    Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc

    The Institute for In Vitro Sciences, Inc. is a nonprofit research and testing laboratory dedicated......
    Location: Maryland
  4. (2014-09-16 03:14:45) 44

    InSphero Inc

    InSphero is the leading provider of 3D InSight™ Microtissues and screening services to the...
    Location: Massachusetts
  5. (2014-09-16 03:11:46) 45

    INDIGO Biosciences, Inc

    With INDIGO's nuclear receptor experts at your service, you get results you can be confident......
    Location: Pennsylvania
  6. (2014-09-16 03:04:33) 46

    In Vitro ADMET Laboratories (IVAL)

    Complete Hepatocyte Solutions for in vitro drug development: Premier provider of pooled...
    Location: Maryland
  7. (2014-09-16 03:01:33) 47

    IIT Research Institute (IITRI)

    IIT Research Institute (IITRI) is a nonprofit, preclinical CRO providing drug discovery and safety......
    Location: Illinois
  8. (2014-09-16 02:52:47) 48

    Huntingdon Life Sciences

    Huntingdon Life Sciences, one of the world's largest CRO's, provides a comprehensive...
    Location: NewJersey
  9. (2014-09-16 02:46:52) 49

    HistoTox Labs, Inc

    GLP histopathology services for preclinical studies conducted in all regulated and non-regulated...
    Location: Colorado
  10. (2014-09-16 02:43:36) 50

    Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories (HSRL)

    HSRL's necropsy, histology, pathology, and archiving services are known for expertise,...
    Location: Virginia
  11. (2014-09-16 02:36:30) 51

    Genox Corporation

    Genox Corporation offers products and in-house analytical testing services to measure the oxidative......
    Location: Maryland
  12. (2014-09-16 02:33:45) 52


    Experimur is a full-service CRO with extensive capabilities in the conduct of preclinical...
    Location: Illinois
  13. (2014-09-16 02:24:30) 53

    Exemplar Genetics

    Enabling Discovery…Exemplar Genetics is pioneering the development of large animal models for...
    Location: Iowa
  14. (2014-09-16 02:14:45) 54

    Eurofins | Cerep-Panlabs

    Since 2013, your preferred drug discovery service providers have merged becoming thus Eurofins |...
    Location: Washington
  15. (2014-09-16 01:57:35) 55

    EPL Archives, Inc

    EPL Archives, a leader in the archive/biorepository field, provides secure GLP, GCP, GMP archival......
    Location: Virginia
  16. (2014-09-16 01:50:32) 56


    Cyprotex is the world's largest contract research organization specializing in preclinical...
    Location: Massachusetts
  17. (2014-09-16 01:44:03) 57

    Covance Inc

    As one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive drug development services companies, Covance......
    Location: Wisconsin
  18. (2014-09-16 01:40:43) 58


    At CorDynamics, cardiovascular research is our sole focus. We work with you to create custom...
    Location: Illinois
  19. (2014-09-16 01:36:29) 59

    Comparative Biosciences (CBI)

    CRO offering a complete program of GLP preclinical services. Strong focus on toxicology, efficacy,......
    Location: California
  20. (2014-09-16 01:21:42) 60

    Chemical Solutions Ltd

    Chemical Solutions Ltd. (CSL) is a contract testing laboratory specializing in elemental analyses......
    Location: Pennsylvania