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  1. (2014-09-17 01:19:17) 1

    WIL Research

    WIL Research is a global CRO dedicated to listening to customer needs. The company custom designs......
    Location: Ohio
  2. (2014-09-17 01:12:20) 2

    Vet Path Services (VPS)

    Vet Path Services (VPS) is a GLP-compliant corporation providing contract pathology services...
    Location: Ohio
  3. (2014-09-16 21:39:32) 3

    Ricerca Biosciences LLC

    Ricerca offers integrated nonclinical services for drug candidate selection & development from...
    Location: Ohio
  4. (2014-09-16 20:38:59) 4


    Beyond Contract Research, NAMSA is a medical research organization speeding product development for......
    Location: Ohio
  5. (2014-09-16 01:15:19) 5

    ChanTest Corp

    ChanTest provides in vitro preclinical cardiac safety testing services (GLP and non-GLP) for hERG......
    Location: Ohio
  6. (2014-09-15 21:56:41) 6


    Battelle is the world's largest, independent research and development organization, providing......
    Location: Ohio
  7. (2014-09-15 20:45:26) 7

    Alliance Pharma

    As a CRO, Alliance Pharma, Inc. specializes in GLP and non-GLP bioanalytical (BA) services for both......
    Location: Ohio