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Business Type: CROs
Business Name: Toxicology Research Laboratory (TRL)
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The Toxicology Research Laboratory (TRL) performs clinical and preclinical safety/toxicity and efficacy assessment of new drugs and chemicals for 25+ years. TRL conducts GLP studies in rodents, rabbits, dogs, nonhuman primates and other species in an AAALAC-accredited facility. We conduct efficacy studies in many models, including diabetes, mucositis, infection, acute radiation syndrome in mice, monkeys, etc. Bioanalytical and analytical support for toxicology, ADME and other studies are provided on-site.



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  • ADME (Absorption/Distribution/Metabolism/Excretion)
  • Bioanalytical Services
  • Chemical Product Safety/ Toxicology
  • Efficacy Testing
  • Genotoxicity Products/ Services
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Address: Chicago, IL United States
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Location: Illinois
Created Date: 2014-09-17 01:01:13
Employer ID: Toxicology Research