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Business Type: CROs
Business Name: Wildlife International, a Division of EAG, Inc.
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Wildlife International, a Division of EAG, Inc. has been a recognized leader for over 35 years serving the critical, higher-tier Ecotoxicology and Environmental Fate testing services market. Wildlife, now joined by PTRL-West and PTRL-Europe has established a premier reputation among clients and regulators around the globe by providing high quality and innovative testing services required to comply with environmental safety regulations. Please contact us!



Product/Service Categories

  • ADME (Absorption/Distribution/Metabolism/Excretion)
  • Agrochemical Product Safety/Toxicology
  • Ecology/ Ecotoxicology Services
  • Environmental Chemistry/ Fate
  • In Vivo Metabolism
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Address: Easton, MD United States
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Location: Maryland
Created Date: 2014-09-17 01:21:43
Employer ID: Wildlife International